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Welcome to Casa de Blue

Casa de blue family rentals are located in Lourdas

On the foot of mount Ainos, at Lourdas village, Kefalonia Island, Greece. Only 15 minutes away from Argostoli you will find the family business of Casa de Blue.

Built almost above the famous Lourdas beach, they offer a magnificent view to the Ionian Sea and along with the ideal tranquility of the environment they give the comfort and the relaxation that you aim at your holiday.

Distances from Lourdas

  • Trapezaki Beach

    1.9 km

  • Lourdas Beach
    1.9 km
  • Lithero Beach
    2.1 km
  • St Thomas Beach
    3.7 km
  • Pessada Beach
    6.3 km
  • Thermanti Beach (Spartia)
    8.0 km
  • St George's Castle
    8.1 km
  • Koroni Beach
    9.4 km
  • Argostoli
    14.8 km
  • Kefalonia Airport
    12.4 km

Casa de Blue

Casa de blue studios

Odysseas / Zorbas

Odyseas studios & Captain Zorbas Restaurant

Villas above Kanali beach

Villa Eri & Villa Georgia

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Lourdata – Kefalonia
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